Taking Care of Our Neighbors

Greene P.C. LLC will coordinate worker productivity with increasing market demand to ensure continued company growth and development. Its approach emphasizes the individual participation of every employee and member of this organization and the total process of building the company to acquire an ever-increasing market share. By guiding and helping employees with knowledge and awareness, it will build a solid foundation for achieving its most ambitious goals. Greene P.C. LLC realizes that this is an ideal time to establish its business in this expanding industry and move forward in a steady progression over the next five years.

Greene P.C. LLC is proud of its main service line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and benefits of its main service to its customers include that all construction work will be performed entirely by local licensed subcontractors with extensive experience in the areas of building, managing and controlling all phases of log cabin construction.

Some of the strengths and capabilities of its main service as it pertains to potential market, ease of administration and availability include that the entire project will focus on the implementation of GREEN building practices to be recognized as a LEED certified vacation cabins. LEED certified buildings are resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.